Friday, April 22, 2011

NYX Nude on Nude Palette Swatches;

Hey guys! So I heard about this palette on a blog. They compared it to The Naked Palette, only it had MORE colors & MORE matte shades. Plus it is ALOT easier to find & more affordable than the Naked Palette. It also comes with lip colors, which I won`t be using, as I am NOT fond of those type of lip products. After I saw swatches online I knew I had to have it! I must say, the pigmentation is AMAZING with these shadows. The swatches below are one swipe except for about 2 that were a little sheer. Overall, I`m happy with the purchase. I do however, wish I comparison shopped before I bought this. I purchased on Cherry Culture for $25, but later discovered this could be purchased cheaper on & for a bit cheaper. Lesson learned!

The palette & the packaging.

The palette;
[At first, I was confused on how to open the lipcolors
(I have the WORST trouble opening things XD ),
you have to push it from the back.]

Top Row Swatches;

Bottom Row Swatches;

I do recommend this palette for someone on a budget

or just looking for an alternative to the Naked Palette.

Have you guys purchased this palette?

If so, thoughts? :]

forever courtney;


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