Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wash & Go;

Hey guys! So today I decided to do a hair post. Yesterday[4/23], I decided to do a Wash & Go. I actually was transitioning[20 months] & JUST cut off my relaxed ends Friday. I`ve been DYING to try out a WnG. I used the Curls Goddess Curls, it popped my curls in the back & on the sides, but for the front, I needed something a bit more heavier. I used the Organic Root Stimulator Smooth & Hold Pudding for the front & scrunched. For some reason, the front just won`t curl. :/ I`m thinking it`ll take a little while for my hair to finally pop. No worries, I have all the time in the word to be natural. :] So here are some shots of my hair.

I still see SOME relaxed ends lingering. Hopefully, they`ll be gone shortly :]


  1. I love your hair! En Natural!!!

  2. GASP!!!
    Your wash n go looks BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!
    congrats :)


  3. oh i am in love with your hair Courtney! how did you get this look exactly? send me an email luv!


  4. Came to look at your blog after you commented. I really wanted plopping to work for me lol. I used a leave in and ecostyler gel like i usually do and plopped for 30 min,it just didnt work :(


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