Friday, May 13, 2011

Top 8 Favorite Blushes.

Sooo, I decided to show my top 8 favorite blushes. I tried picking JUST 5...but it was impossible!

I surprisingly have more blushes than I thought. So here are the ones I was able to narrow it down to.


NYX Pinky, Mocha, & Cinnamon.

MAC Raizin, Milani Corallina, & MAC On a Mission.

E.L.F.`s Gotta Glow & NARS' Turkish Red Cream Blush.

There are swatches!

Corallina is actually the newest blush I bought this month, but I`m totally in looove with it!

On A Mission[which came out with the Style Warriors Collect.] & Cinnamon are probably my two all-time favorites! I defff am gonna be adding more blushes to my collection soon. If you guys want any detailed reviews or anything, just let me know. :]

Do you ladies own any of these?

& What are some of yall`s favorite blushes?

I`m always open to trying new blushes!

Have a great Thursday!



  1. Ooooh nice favorites! Now you know I own too many to choose. lol

  2. I adore your blog's name! :)
    Great favourites, I just love blushes! <3

  3. you've got a lovely collection :) I like all the shades

  4. these are all really great colors. lovely swatches!

  5. @Jenn, Sara, & Cheryl - thanks ladies!

    @Rai - I sooo badly want to see your ENTIRE collection! Especially after the amount you said you have! lol.

    @Olivia - thank you! &I`ve fallen in looove with blushes too!

  6. Those are awesome faves..I always wanted to try cinnamon and on a mission!!

  7. I really wish we got NYX here in the UK! those are some beautiful shades


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