Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Favs;

I actually remembered to do these this month! Lol.

I actually did not have alot of favs this month. & most of these were favs in April also.

On to the picks!

The first item I`ve been loving is my MAC Tinted Moisturizer.

Sooo, it's entirely TOO hot, well humid, here in NC for foundation. Plus I don't like my face to feel "cakey". This has actually lasted me a while. Thank goodness, because it is SUPER pricey!

Next, just two blushes. MAC Peachykeen & NYX Mocha.

&My new favvv highlighter, well second fav. MAC MSF in Brunette[CORRECTION; THIS IS REDHEAD MSF. Oops. Lol.]. This is a LE product, I was lucky to find one on eBay & snagged it for only $22 shipped! :D I absolutely adore it. It has 4 different strips of color & each one is amazing in it's own way. Now I want the other 2 highlighters from this collection!

Just 2 eye products.

MAC Espresso is the perfect crease color! I used it almost everyday.

My fav pencil eyeliners are the Rimmel liners. I picked up Panama for a more natural look & have been using it daily.

Finally my lip products. I used WAY too many lipsticks this month to feature them. You can check out my Pinky-Purple lipsticks to see the ones I`ve used this last month.

The NYX Mega Shine LGs are amazing! I love layering Tea Rose on top of any pink lipstick I wear. Miami Babe is the PERFECT lipgloss. Def my new favorite & I will need to get a backup soon!
The Rosebud Salve I actually purchased closer to the end of the month at Sephora. I`m in loooove. Best freaking lip moisturizer EVER! I use this night & day to keep my lips super moisturized. Plus it`s not too expensive, I believe it was $6. I definately want to try the strawberry one.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Happy June.



  1. Great favorites! Wow you've hit the pan on a MAC product. lol I'm close to doing that on a couple eyeshadows.

  2. I need to hit pan on items.. Im so bad.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great favourites! I want to know about the MAC Tinted Moisturizer; review please? lol


  4. thanks ladies! i need to hit pan on more items too! lol. &i certainly will do a review for you! :]

  5. Love your favs!! And true that about it being too hot for foundation...I live in Texas so I rather go outside looking a hot mess than sweating my mask off in front of been looking for a tinted moisturizer..I think I just might have to give the MAC one a try!!

  6. Great picks!

  7. the lip products look really fun. i'd like to try out some of those NYX lippies soon!


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