Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still Glamorus Cosmetics Haul + Swatches;

A few posts ago, I told you guys about the Still Glamorus Cosmetics summer sale. I did purchase a few items after seeing A Brilliant Brunette & Kasey, the owner of SGC, posted a neutral tutorial using her pigments. I picked up 4 pigments, a foundation, & she included a free sample baggie.

The pigments I bought. Only $4 during the sale!
[From L to R]
Gold Locket, Vintage, Rich Girl, & Nude Beach.

[Top to Bottom]
Nude Beach, Rich Girl, Vintage, Gold Locket.

I am a neutral girl, so OF COURSE I got all colors I would wear everyday. I am def going to be purchasing some colorful shades in the future. One things about these pigments is that there is a TON of glitter. Hopefully I won`t have a bad experience with these as I`m not a huge glitter fan. Also, Kasey did a video showing how she presses these, so I may try that with these pigments. I will def be using these in some future FOTDs.

Have you guys ever purchased from SGC?
If so, what are you fav shades?

Be sure to check out Still Glamorus Cosmetics' site.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

FOTD; Sugar Plum Fairy

Hi ladies! Today I did a simple FOTD using the WnW Sugar Plum Fairy Palette. This was a LE palette that I was able to get my hands on a few months ago. Lately I`ve been LOVING purple, so I did another purple eye look today.

Products Used:

WnW Palette in Sugar Plum Fairy[white for inner tearduct, shimmery beige for lid, dark purple for outer V, & shimmery purple for crease]
Sephora Liquid Liner
MAC Redhead MSF for highlight

Nivea Lip Balm
Revlone Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mink

Nivea Creme Moisturizer
MAC Studio Fix+ Powder in C8
MAC Redhead MSF to highlight
NYX Powder Blush in Cinnamon

A two strand flat twistout on old hair.

Hope you ladies enjoyed.
Have a lovely Sunday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How I Plop My Hairrr;

This blog is called Eyes, Lips, & Curls, right? Sadly, I`ve been neglecting the hair portion of my blog. Quite often I`ll get asked how do I style my curly hair. It's actually a really simple technique called plopping. I learned about this method on Long Hair Care Forum & after doing my research on YT, decided to try on my own. Here's a YT video I uploaded in June showing my method.

Since this video, I have started trying with different leave-ins & different gels. The EcoStyler gel really helps hold my hair down, however it can flake up. I`ve started using the IC Fantasia Gel but it doesn't "mold" my curls as good as the EcoStyler. Also, for the leave-in, I have since switched to the Mixed Silk by Silk Elements as it is more moisturizing to my hair than the other leave-in & also helps with defining my curls.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this video & hopefully I can get out of the habit of neglecting my curls. I should be uploading more hair videos & more blog posts in the near future.
Hope you ladies have a lovely Saturday!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Hi guyssss! So I decided to share my entry for Wet n Wild's twitter contest. I also wore this eye look twice this week as I loved it so much! Got a TON of compliments. I used the WnW Vanity & Lust Palettes to recreate this look, as well as the lipstick in 903C[Just Peachy].

I don`t like how this lip came out, so I switched it to Rimmel's Vintage Pink when I wore this again.

Products Used;
WnW Vanity Palette[Matte camel color on the lid]
WnW Lust Palette[Matte purple, beige shimmery color in my tearduct]
Sephora Liquid Liner in Black
Rimmel LondonSuper Lash Mascara
WnW Eyeliner in White[waterline]

WnW Lipstick in 903C[Just Peachy]
NYX Lipliner in Natural
NYX MegaShine Gloss in Miami Babe

MAC Studio Moisture Tint in Dark
MAC Studio Fix Powder in C8

Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Glamorus Cosmetics Sale;

Ever since I saw A Brillian Brunette's Still Glamorus Cosmetics[SGC] haul, I`ve been wanting to pick some up.

Well, they actually are having a Summer Sale!

Pigments are $4.00!

Also have Hi-Def Loose Shadows & Hi-Def Pressed Shadows for $6.50.

If I were yall I`d go ahead & order some ASAP before they run out!

I picked up a few pigments myself!

Friday, July 15, 2011

GlamourDoll Eyes Haul;

I placed an order for some GlamourDoll Eyes[GDE] & totally forgot about my purchase. If you are not familiar with GDE, they are a company owned by a lovely lady named Vee. GDE sells eyeshadow pigments in an array of colors, eye glitter, & glamour gloss. She has a YT channel & always uploads the latest news about new products. I believe she is now working on an eye primer too, which I cannot wait to try! Normally, unless there is a massive sale, I can order & Vee will have my order shipped out same or next day. She is just incredible!

With every order, Vee includes thank you/business cards, stickers, & samples.

I ordered the "Foil Me" which helps to make your shadows more vibrant & last longer. It also is supposed to help glitter stick to your lids. It comes in two different types of packaging, the tube[which I ordered] & the dropper. I actually would have preferred the dropped instead of the tube. I have used this a few times & it definately does make the pigments pop more.

Foil Me in the tube costs $5.25
I ordered 11 shadows, in sample jars, but 1 has gone missing. :/

[Top to Bottom, Left to Right]

All Nighter, What's My Name?, Lace Panties, Catwalk, DinoSpotz, Dirty Jeans, Fabulous, Immature, Family Secret, & Electric Lemonade.

I think my favorites of the bunch are DinoSpotz & Dirty Jeans.


Sample Baggie $1.25

Sample Jar $2.50

Full Size Jar $6.00

I will certainly do swatches later if needed!

Have you guys purchased from GDE? Or have any shades you would love to try?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I recently got new contacts[YAY!], so I haven`t been wearing eye makeup except top liner until I get used to having them. Since I decided to go with no eyeshadow, I decided to go with a bold lip.

So here is my LOTD[Lip of the Day];

Products Used;

MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder in C8

NYX Powder Blush in Pinky

Sephora Liquid Eyeliner in Black

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Bust Out!
MAC Lipglass in All of My Purple Life

Hope you ladies enjoyed & have a great Wednesday! :]

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Birchbox;

After seeing all of the goodies ladies got the last 2 months from Birchbox, I finally gave in & ordered for July. When BB added to their site what would be included in the July box, I was a little upset. It didn't look like items I`d be interested in. But now that I`ve gotten my box, I may have changed my mind! When I opened my package, this is what I saw:

The cover on the box is soooo freaking pretty! Inside of the box, included this letter & my goodies:

First thing I saw after I opened the tissue paper was an almond & apricot bar. Eww, I don`t like apricots, so I`ll have to give this away. :/

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream. This actually smells REALLY good. Can`t wait to use it!

Redken Shine Brilliance Spray. I loooove hair products, so I can`t wait to try this out!

&this cute little package which included....

Philosophy One-Step Facial Cleanser & Zoya Polish in Shay.

I probably will try BB one more time before I decide to keep or drop the program. I`m not happy with that fruit bar thing. But everything else, I can`t wait to try.
Did you ladies get this month`s Birchbox? How do you all feel about what you got?

Thanks for stopping by. :]

Friday, July 8, 2011

KKCenterHK Lash Review;

Last month I was contact by a company called KKCenterHK to do a possible review. I did do some research & checked out other reviews before I agreed to do so. I found out they sell TONS of lashes, eyeshadow palettes, nails, & even wigs. After doing my research, I chose the ES Luxuriant False Eyelases in the style# A166. These were mailed to me one June 20th & I recieved them June 29th. Not to bad considering they came from HK. Packaging was pretty good, they made sure to add lots of bubble wrap so my lashes arrived safely. I have worn these 3 times & am pretty happy with me selection, however, I do wish I had chosen lashes more natural looking for everyday use. Because these are so dramatic, I choose to only wear liner when I wear these lashes.

My lashes came packaged as you see below. [I did not realize I had the lashes upside down, oops. Lol.]

My bare lashes with top liner only.

Close up of the lashes.


-Affordable[Prices vary, these were 10 for $12.50]

-Can be reused several times.

-Easy to apply.


-IMO, these particular pair are a little TOO dramatic for everyday wear.

-I wish these had an invisible band instead of black.

-Glue is not included with the lashes.

My thoughts;

Overall I am happy with the lashes. These particular lashes are great for going out for the night. They will stay in place & last a while. I wore mines for about 3-6 hours. I definately will be purchasing some natural lashes from KKCenterHK soon. I`ve been eyeing the criss cross ones too! :D

Have you guys ever purchased from this company? If so, what are your thoughts their products?

Hope you ladies have a greatttt Friday! :]

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