Saturday, July 23, 2011

How I Plop My Hairrr;

This blog is called Eyes, Lips, & Curls, right? Sadly, I`ve been neglecting the hair portion of my blog. Quite often I`ll get asked how do I style my curly hair. It's actually a really simple technique called plopping. I learned about this method on Long Hair Care Forum & after doing my research on YT, decided to try on my own. Here's a YT video I uploaded in June showing my method.

Since this video, I have started trying with different leave-ins & different gels. The EcoStyler gel really helps hold my hair down, however it can flake up. I`ve started using the IC Fantasia Gel but it doesn't "mold" my curls as good as the EcoStyler. Also, for the leave-in, I have since switched to the Mixed Silk by Silk Elements as it is more moisturizing to my hair than the other leave-in & also helps with defining my curls.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this video & hopefully I can get out of the habit of neglecting my curls. I should be uploading more hair videos & more blog posts in the near future.
Hope you ladies have a lovely Saturday!
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