Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Birchbox;

After seeing all of the goodies ladies got the last 2 months from Birchbox, I finally gave in & ordered for July. When BB added to their site what would be included in the July box, I was a little upset. It didn't look like items I`d be interested in. But now that I`ve gotten my box, I may have changed my mind! When I opened my package, this is what I saw:

The cover on the box is soooo freaking pretty! Inside of the box, included this letter & my goodies:

First thing I saw after I opened the tissue paper was an almond & apricot bar. Eww, I don`t like apricots, so I`ll have to give this away. :/

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream. This actually smells REALLY good. Can`t wait to use it!

Redken Shine Brilliance Spray. I loooove hair products, so I can`t wait to try this out!

&this cute little package which included....

Philosophy One-Step Facial Cleanser & Zoya Polish in Shay.

I probably will try BB one more time before I decide to keep or drop the program. I`m not happy with that fruit bar thing. But everything else, I can`t wait to try.
Did you ladies get this month`s Birchbox? How do you all feel about what you got?

Thanks for stopping by. :]


  1. Great post!

    Why food though? lol! That's just a waste of space. The other samples seem interesting; I hope you enjoy them. :)

  2. i am still waiting for mine!! :D great prods u got!

  3. That fruit bar is waaaay out of place! lol, that Zoya polish looks really pretty!

  4. I just received mines the other day. I love it!!!!

  5. Thanks ladies! Hope you get yours soon Rinz!


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