Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BH Cosmetics Mini Haul;

Hi guys! I`m on a roll this week, huh?
Recently I received an e-mail from BH Cosmetics about their huge summer sale. I was eyeing the single shadows they have since I have a Z Palette I need to fill up. I noticed it was cheaper to get the 15 Color Eyeshadow Pro Palette. Originally this palette would have cost $34.95, I only paid $20.27[+ S&H]. With this palette I got to pick & choose what colors I wanted & what type of shadow finish I wanted. They have 120 colors to choose from which was a little overwhelming. I did finally narrow my list down to 15 & placed my order. My order shipped via UPS on Monday &arrived on Friday. So let's get onto the palette!
Here are the shadows. Soooo pretty! :]
How I organized my palette;

I haven't used this palette yet. However, I have swatched a few of the colors. The shimmery metallic purple in the bottom corner is GORGEOUS! Some of the matte shades are very sheer, so I`m a little disappointed in that. The metallic & shimmer shades seem to be very pigmented vs the matte shades. It's a shame since I really love matte shades. I certainly will be doing swatches soon.

I did check BH Cosmetics' site, the sale is still going on!
Go ahead & check them out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.


  1. i think you got a wonderful deal here and some great buys.

  2. Love your palette!
    I've been wanting to try BH cosmetics for quite some time, but their shipping costs to the UK are pretty expensive.
    I'll keep an eye out for future sales though :)

  3. ahhh!!!! so pretty! I can't wait to see swatches :)


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