Friday, September 16, 2011

Avon Haul #3;

I am addicted to ordering from Avon. Every time I submit my orders, I cannot help but purchase a few goodies for myself. Here's what I picked up this time.

I purchased:
Used to rejuvenate & refresh your makeup. Plus it is oil-free[yay!].
Blue Paradise Drop Earrings - $5.99[a STEAL!]
Avon Pro Luscious Pout Lip Color in Rich Plum.

Swatch of Rich Plum;
I saw this lipstick on a model in a upcoming Avon magazine &I KNEW it had to be mines. Perfect color for Autumn. It has a mirror & gloss on top[as you can see in an above photo].

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul!
&As always, you can purchase these items from my Avon eStore[free shipping on orders over $30]or with your local Avon rep.


  1. You know that lipstick is me... lol

  2. My mama used to sell Avon..and OMGoodness I used to buy everything! BTW thats a pretty lipstick color!! :)

  3. Rich plum is gorgeous! And right on time for Fall. Love the earrings as well...

  4. Yes that lipstick is soooo pretty! I just ordered some for myself. I hope it becomes a hot buy for the fall.


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