Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jordana Cosmetics Haul;

Hey guys! Today I have yet another haul.
Today I am featuring Jordana Makeup.
I remember this brand from when I was much younger.
After seeing Rai`s post on Jordana Makeup, I knew I had to find some!
I picked up a few blushes & lipsticks at my local KMart.

The blushes;
The lipsticks.[The purple tubes are matte.]

Redwood blush has become my new favorite. I have been using it almost everyday since I purchased about 2 weeks ago. I thought Merlot would be a great shade for Autumn & Hollywood Red looked like the perfect red. I will say that Lily Rose is a bit TOO light, reminds me of something maybe Nicki Minaj would wear. Blushing Rose is a gorgeous color for Autumn as well & I think it looks great on WOC. I have yet to try Touch Of Pink, so I can`t report on this blush yet.

FYI~Jordana Makeup can be purchased @ Kmart, Walgreens[very limited selection], & online @

Have you guys checked out Jordana Makeup yet?


  1. Those are gorgeous colored blushes and lipsticks..

  2. Nice swatches! Love them all. Especially the lipsticks. I have a few glosses from them from a while back. I need to try out those blushes too.

  3. Yay! I'm obsessed with Jordana right now. lol

  4. wow! you found these at kmart?? I wish my kmart had these... :)


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