Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NOTW; Gray`s Anatomy + Initial Thoughts

Hey ladies.
Recently I made a trip to Walgreens &noticed all the WnW polishes were on sale.
I saw Gray`s Anatomy & thought it would be a gorgeous color, so I decided to purchase it.
I decided to show off my NOTW & post my initial thoughts.

Here is the polish.
It is a duo-chrome, purple & grey-green nail polish.

Swatched with 3 coats.
Initial Thoughts;
Sadly I was disappointed by this color. I did not realize it would be so sheer. [I guess that`s what I get for not looking a swatches.] I really like the colors & obviously I`m not complaining about the price[on sale for $.99, normally $1.99]. Also, maybe I just got a bad polish, but this was not fast drying for me. I have another polish from the same line & it dries pretty quickly. I may try this over a black or white nail polish to see what effect that will have on the polish.

&Do you ladies own this nail polish or any from this line?
As always, thanks for reading.


  1. I thought I would love that polish but it does the same on my nails as it did on yours...booo!!!

  2. I NEED this but haven't been able to find it, it's so pretty.

  3. @Nessa - It`s actually a little disappointing since it is quite a pretty shade.

    @Kysbel - You can`t find this? :O I may have to fix that for you.


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