Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYX Hautelook Haul;

Hey ladies.
Today I just wanted to share my NYX Hautelook haul.
I`m sure you guys are all familiar with Hautelook, so I`ll just show you what I bought.

I purchased the Eyeshadow Base Set. It cost about 15$.
It included the NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, 2 Eyeshadow Bases in Skintone & Pearl, & the B31 Shadow/Smokie - Small Brush.

I think this brush will be GREAT for defining the outer V.
Can`t wait to use it.
Closeup of the tip;

Swatches of the bases;

I was SUPER excited to try out the HD base, however, I will NOT be using this again. Ever. I tried it once & since I have oily lids...this is a deadly combo. I`ll probably give it away. Can`t wait to try out the other bases & the brush. NYX had a TON of products I wanted to buy[like the new slide on pencils], but I bought some shoes instead. :]

So, did you ladies purchase anything from this sale?
If so, what`d you get?
Thanks for reading.


  1. Thank you for this review. I have oily lids as well! I've been dying to try the HD base. Hopefully the other bases will work for you

  2. I went overboard and spent $56 on the makeup artist kit, jumbo eyeshadow pencils set, natural blush set, and the lip treatment set. But I'm kind of glad I did!

  3. That does seem like such a great brush!! I'm always looking for a better outer V brush!!

  4. How awesome are those swatches!
    I love the NYX pearl..
    I need some mula and need to head to the closet Ulta store! We have alot of those here in Cali...
    Great blog!
    New follower as well! :)


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