Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shadowless FOTD;

Happy Saturdayyyy!
So today it was SUPER nice & warm out. I decided to go shadowless & KISS[Keep It Super Simple].

I just did a Wash n Go today, only product in my hair is
Giovanni`s Direct Leave-In<3

Close Up;

What I Used;
MAC's Studio Moisture Tint in Dark
MAC's My Highland Honey Powder Blush 

Sephora Cream Liner in Must Have
NYX Eye Pencil in Electric Blue

NYX Round Lipstick in Lala
NYX MegaShine Lipgloss in Miami Babe

Also, I dyed my hair Midnight Blue by Dark & Lovely. I actually kinda like it.
Turned out GREAT! &Now those pointless hight-lights I had are gone.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wash & Go;

Hey guys! So today I decided to do a hair post. Yesterday[4/23], I decided to do a Wash & Go. I actually was transitioning[20 months] & JUST cut off my relaxed ends Friday. I`ve been DYING to try out a WnG. I used the Curls Goddess Curls, it popped my curls in the back & on the sides, but for the front, I needed something a bit more heavier. I used the Organic Root Stimulator Smooth & Hold Pudding for the front & scrunched. For some reason, the front just won`t curl. :/ I`m thinking it`ll take a little while for my hair to finally pop. No worries, I have all the time in the word to be natural. :] So here are some shots of my hair.

I still see SOME relaxed ends lingering. Hopefully, they`ll be gone shortly :]

Friday, April 22, 2011

NYX Nude on Nude Palette Swatches;

Hey guys! So I heard about this palette on a blog. They compared it to The Naked Palette, only it had MORE colors & MORE matte shades. Plus it is ALOT easier to find & more affordable than the Naked Palette. It also comes with lip colors, which I won`t be using, as I am NOT fond of those type of lip products. After I saw swatches online I knew I had to have it! I must say, the pigmentation is AMAZING with these shadows. The swatches below are one swipe except for about 2 that were a little sheer. Overall, I`m happy with the purchase. I do however, wish I comparison shopped before I bought this. I purchased on Cherry Culture for $25, but later discovered this could be purchased cheaper on & for a bit cheaper. Lesson learned!

The palette & the packaging.

The palette;
[At first, I was confused on how to open the lipcolors
(I have the WORST trouble opening things XD ),
you have to push it from the back.]

Top Row Swatches;

Bottom Row Swatches;

I do recommend this palette for someone on a budget

or just looking for an alternative to the Naked Palette.

Have you guys purchased this palette?

If so, thoughts? :]

forever courtney;

Saturday, April 16, 2011 haul;

Hey Guysss! So recently I made a purchase from, they are similar to Cherry Culture, as they also carry discounted makeup, except they sale only NYX. I heard about this site from a lovely lady on twitter[@Kysbelm on twitter] & had to check it out! I heard they were raising prices 4/1/2011, because NYX was raising their prices, so I had to order! Recently I did look at the site & only a few of the products prices have raised from what I see. Still, definately cheaper that the official NYX site & CC. Shipping was AWESOME! I ordered on April 1st & got my items that Monday, the 4th. They do use USPS priority & it comes from L.A. Here are the goodies I got & swatches!

I ordered 7 NYX round lipsticks for $1.99 each. They came in these boxes & the other was bubble wrapped with my lipglosses.



Swatches of the lipsticks;
I ordered 3 MegaShine Lipglosses. They WERE $2.75, but have now increased to $3.50.Photobucket

I also got a powder blush in Peach for $3.95 & a single eyeshadow in Deep Bronze for $3.45. The blushes are now $4.25 & the shadows are now $3.75. Again, still both cheaper than CC.

Here are swatches of the glosses, blush, & eyeshadow.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the haulage!
Have you guys recently purchased any NYX goodies? Enjoy your Saturday! forever courtney; :]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

back to blogging!


i`m back!

inspired by Rai to return since we are both on a project 15 pan!

i will be uploading a few hauls, some swatches, & my project 15 pan picks soon!

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