Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo Shadow + Demo;

Hi guys!
Today I`m going to share my thoughts on the Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadows.
I purchased 3, Tough as Taupe, Fierce & Tangy, & Painted Purple.
You can see all 3 swatched here.

Firstly, these were a product I saw a ton of hype about. I did not pay attention to any reviews. I actually was not intending on purchasing any. However, I caved in & purchased 3 when I took myself off my no buy.

Fierce & Tangy
is my favorite. It is a light orange shade. This one is one of the shades with little to no shimmer. This shade actually last the longest & I got a ton of compliments when wearing this shade.
Tough as Taupe is a grey taupe-y shade. This one is one of the shades with little to no shimmer. This to me would be great to use for a silver smokey eye. It is my second favorite of the bunch.
Painted Purple is a metallic purple. This one I was hoping would be my favorite, however it is the worse of the 3. I wore this today & had TONS of creasing within just a few hours. What I had on my lower lid stayed up for the most part, but everything just below my crease transferred into my crease. This is the only shade to have done that so far. Definitely not something I was hoping for. This may be better suited to try as an eyeliner.

I did a little test to see how long long Tough as Taupe would last.
Below I have showed you with the ELF mineral eyeshadow primer on my left eye under the tattoo shadow & just the tattoo shadow alone on my right eye. I labeled them since I did not flip the photos.

Applied maybe 10 minutes.
As you can see, with the primer, there is creasing already.
After 3 hours, a little faded on the right eye. Fading & creasing on the left.
After 6 hours. A little more fading on the right eye. No too much creasing. Slightly more creasing on the left.
& my FOTD;
I used the new Wet `n Wild Purty Persimmon lipstick.

Final thoughts;
First off, I don`t think these would last with the full staying power for 24 hours. I think after sometime, they would fade or crease. I am somewhat happy that I purchased these shadows. I will say the purple was a disappointment. I do however recommend the taupe & orange shades. I have oily lids, so I did not think these would work in my favor. I was proved wrong with 2 of these. These shadows are best to apply with a brush. For some reason, it does take time to build the color when I used my finger to swatch. However, with a brush it was a lot easier. I do want to get a few more shades, the teal & the bronze. I think these are a great & affordable base for you ladies who are looking for an alternative to MAC paint pots!

So, I`m sure you ladies have tried these right?
If not, what shades are you interested in getting, if at all?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Well you know I love them lol. I know the purple sucks, but its SUCH A PRETTY COLOR! Annoying...

    Aslo I love that lipstick on u! =)

  2. I have Pomegranate punk and it's gorgeous! I don't want them all but I'm planning to get 2-3 more :)


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