Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beautiful Textures Haul + Initial Thoughts;

Hey guys!
Today I have a much awaited hair haul.
I purchased some products from the Beautiful Textures line at my local Sallys.
I first heard about this brand in November or December & have been waiting to try them.
When I found out they were at Sallys I had to RUSH down & pick up some items!
There are 7 items in the collection & I picked up 4.

I purchased the Curl Control Defining Pudding, Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioner, Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner, & the Moisture Butter.
My Initial Thoughts;
I have tried everything out this week & so far I like all of the products. My hair is still SUPER moisturized & the last time I applied any of these products was on Tuesday. I will say one thing I don`t like is the smell of the Curl Control & Moisture Butter. They have a very strong mango scent, which I`m not too fond of. The Leave-in & Deep Conditioner's smell isn`t as strong & a lot more bearable. I do plan to use these products a few more times to give a better overall review.

How I Used the Products;
I deep conditioned with the Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner for about 30 minutes. Shampooed with my favorite shampoo. Conditioned. Then I let my hair air dry for about 15 minutes. I then applied the Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioner & Curl Control Defining Pudding. My curls were defined, but I still had a few that weren`t & my hair was still somewhat frizzy. A few days later I used the Moisture Butter for some two strand twists. From Tuesday until today I have yet to use anymore product & as I stated above, my hair is very moisturized & soft.

In the below picture I have in just the Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioner & Curl Control Defining Pudding. You can see a little bit of the frizz on the left side.

I do plan to pick up the Curly to Straight & possibly the Shine & Silken.
Have you ladies tried anything from this line or would you like to?
If so, what would you like to try.

Thanks so much for reading.
Have a great Saturday.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I've been hearing good things about these products. I definitely have to try them out soon.

  2. I've only tried the moisture butter and I just can't get used to coated feeling it left behind. It is very moisturising and my hair was left soft but I really need to use it a few more times. I used it to retwist a twist out. I am very light handed and can use about 2 teaspoons of product to retwist my thick 3c/4a/4b hair. I think the cones in this product are what gives it that not so clean feeling. My hair really needs moisture and control without the coated build-up like feeling.


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