Thursday, February 9, 2012

MAC Haul; Shop MAC/Cook MAC

Hi ladies!
I know I`ve been slacking on blog posts lately.
Sorry. I`ve been SUPER busy with work & planning a trip to FL for this weekend.
I did want to share my Shop MAC/Cook MAC haul before I left.
I do plan on purchasing Watch Me Simmer, if I like how it swatches in store.

The packaging is soooo cute!

I picked up Quick Sizzle.
This is a bright pink matte lipstick. &I am in loooove with it!
Swatched on my lips;

I also picked up Dish It Up.
It`s a bit darker than the picture.
The finish is a lustre.
Dish It Up on my lips.
Looks more true to color here.

Here I have the duo mixed on my lips.

I am definitely debating purchasing back ups of these two.
I love how both of these look on me.
I hope to pick up Watch Me Simmer.
I thought it would look like Vegas Volt[which I cannot pull off], but very different.
You can check out Danielle with Bloomin Beauty`s swatches here.

Have you ladies purchased anything from the MAC Shop/Cook collection?
If so, what did you pick up?

Thanks so much for reading.


  1. quick sizzle looks good on you, so far I got quick sizzle ( debating back up) naughty saute' and the colour added quad :-)

  2. oooh I love Quick Sizzle. I think i'll pick it up bc it'll match my giveaway theme =)

  3. Quick Sizzle looks very pretty on you! I doubt I will be picking up any items from this collection. A lot of their items look like things I already have. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i haven't purchased anything yet but i do plan on getting runaway red...the others look like things i already have! quick sizzle looks nice on you

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies! :]

  6. I haven't purchased anything yet, because the collection does not come out in the Bahamas until next week but I'm most definitely liking dish it up.


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