Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Avon Quad - Mystery [Swatches + Thoughts]

Hey guys!
First off hello to all of my new readers & old ones.
I will be picking my winner for the Eyes giveaway soon.
The lip giveaway will be up later this week, hopefully.

As some of you know, I`m an Avon rep, so I am always excited to try their new products out.
Today I wanted to share my thoughts on one of the limited edition quads Avon has out.
When I saw these limited edition quads & lipsticks I knew I had to have them!
I have never tried any of the Avon quads & thought this would be a great time to try them out.
I picked up the quad in Mystery. It appealed the most to me.
I did not expect the packaging to be limited edition as well, but it was.
I totally love it!

Clockwise from the left:
Purple Hazed, Apricot Reflection, Apricot Mystery, & Glistening Woods.
Swatches clockwise from the left:
Purple Hazed, Apricot Reflection, Apricot Mystery, & Glistening Woods.
For this to have been my first Avon quad, I was a little disappointed. I think Glistening Woods is my favorite shade from the palette. It`s a very neutral bronze-y shade. Great for the crease. Purple Hazed is a pretty lavender, however you do have to build the color up to get some opacity. I had high hopes for Apricot Mystery, however it is a very chalky shade. Very disappointing. I almost forgot Apricot Reflection, probably because it is so sheer. I tried to build it up for you guys to see a swatch, but it's just a slight gold shimmer. Nothing major. I used it to lightly highlight my brow bone.

Now I can`t speak on all of Avon's quads as this was my first, but this one I would not recommend. I don't think it's a must have at all. The only promising shade was Glistening Woods. So I say save your money before purchasing this one!
I might consider buying another Avon quad, but only after I look up swatches.

Hopefully this helped you if you were thinking of purchasing this quad.
Thanks so much for reading!

I am an Avon Rep, however, I bought this quad myself & I am giving my honest opinion on this product.


  1. I feel the same way about this quad and most avon quads for that matter. I have both the new ones and a few of the old ones. They look pretty in the pan, but the color pay-off is poor. I'm an avon rep as well and I was hoping the latest palettes would be better. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

    I'm gonna try to work with them because I had to purchase them though. I usually use UD primer potion and apply them wet to get better results.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Aww, I was hoping some of the others would be worth it. &Thanks for the tip. I`ll have to try them wet. :]


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