Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hey guys!
Here is my long delayed CurlKit post.
Curl Kit is basically a monthly subscription box with hair samples.
I ordered in March & it came in April.
I only paid $17 with a coupon code, however, the regular price is $20.

What was in my April CurlKit?
Jane Carter Set; Included Nourishing Moisture Shampoo, Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner, & the Nourish & Shine. Excited to try!
Guava Mango Body Butter & Shea n Olive Hair Butters from Pookah. It looked like someone touched my hair butter, when I opened it I discovered a finger print inside. :/ Not too happy about getting the body butter either. I signed up for this to get hair related products only.
Sofn'free Nothing But Curly Pudding & Cleansing Conditioner packets. Haven`t heard of this brand, so I can`t wait to try.
Optimum Care Salon Collection Deep Conditioning Masque. I love deep conditioners, so I`m anxious to try this. I believe this was my full-size product for my April box.
Annie Vita Comb with Olive Oul & Wheat Germ. I`ve seen this comb in my local beauty supply store, but never grabbed it. Great chance to try it.

That`s all for this CurlKit. One shipping issue that I did have is that they provided me with someone else's tracking number. I tweeted them & they were able to help me by getting my correct tracking info. My May kit should be arriving soon. I believe they said it is the biggest one yet & weighs 3 lbs. So I cannot wait! That will be my last box for a while though. I`m saving up, so I will be cancelling my subscription for now. 

Have you ladies tried CurlKit or any of these products yet?

Thanks for reading!


  1. thats really neat. I got a soft n' free product in my swag bag from the NHS. I signed up for Curl Box and it should be arriving soon, so I can't wait!!!

  2. Look like you got a great amount of samples (with the exception of the hair butter.....foolishness with the finger print). I always wonder which was better, Curl Kit or Curl Box????

    1. I haven`t tried both, so I couldn`t tell you which is better.


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