Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Lip Love;*

Hey beauties!
Today I wanted to share with you guys my favorite lipsticks I`ll be rocking this Summer.
I chose 2 nudes, 2 pinks, & a purple.
Two of my lipsticks I chose are high-end[MAC] & limited edition.
The other three are drug store brand.

First is NYX`s Lala.
This is my all-time favorite NYX Round Lipstick.
It`s a gorgeous pink-ish purple shade.
This lipstick retails for $4.00

Next we have ELF`s Fantasy Lipstick.
This is from the essential line.
It is the move perfect brown nude.
This lipstick retails for $1.00

Now we have Revlon`s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mink.
It actually looks a bit different in this photo than the actual shade.
This is the most perfect pinky brown nude.
This lipstick retails for approx $6.
[Depending on where you purchase.]
MAC`s Quick Sizzle would be our next shade.
This is a very bright, bold, matte pink shade.
This will look so hot this season!
This lipstick retails for $14.50.
Last, but certainly not least in MAC`s Bust Out!
This is a gorgeous purple shade.
This particular lipstick is a lustre finish.
The retail price for this lipstick was $14.50.


I hope you ladies enjoyed this post!
Thanks so much for reading/viewing!


  1. That Quick Sizzle looks lovely! Such a flattering shade for any skin tone. I think I want it lol

    1. I agree! It`s such a gorgeous shade. Thanks for reading!

  2. Bust Out REALLLLLY reminds me of my Sugar Plum Lip Butter!! Have u seen that in person before?

    1. I have not checked out those lip butters, but I may have to now! Thanks for reading!

  3. such pretty shades! I love the purple and mauve shades


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